Our Data Protection Policy complies with the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (Federal Data Protection Act) and the Teledienstedatenschutzgesetz (Telecommunication Data Proctection Act).
By sending us an order, you are agreeing that all information that you enter when placing your order on, may be stored and used by LORDI WEB-SHOP, ITM Agency , Talwiesen 9, 76698 Ubstadt-Weiher (referred to here as "LORDI WEB-SHOP" ).
We will store the data required to handle the transaction and, if required to process the order, will pass the data on to associated companies. Furthermore, we will collect and process address and order details for our own marketing purposes. We will only pass on generally available and disclosable data ( 28 Paragraph 3 No. 3 German Data Protection Act (BDSG)) to third parties for their marketing purposes. When processing the data, we will vindicate those of your interests meriting protection in accordance with legal requirements.
You can, at any time, object to the use, processing or transmission of your data for marketing purposes by notifying our designated data protection official (webshop(at)udo-online(dot)de). After receiving your objection or revocation, we will cease to use and process the relevant data for marketing purposes, and/or will immediately refrain from sending you promotional material, including our catalogue, and/or will refrain from passing on your data for marketing purposes.
Ordering at LORDI WEB-SHOP is very comfortable. We offer a free registration service, where all necessary personal information can be saved using a username and password, so that this information can automatically be entered each time you wish to place an order. The LORDI WEBSHOP account makes ordering easier in the following ways:
* Items in your Shopping Cart are saved, so you can come back later to order the items
* You no longer need to enter your Personal Details when placing an order
* You can access and change your Personal Details in "My Account" or delete your customer account completely
The registration is free and you have no obligation to order.
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